Saturday, August 04, 2007

sshhhh--what I really did on my summer vacation.....

Knit, knit, knit!! A friend went with us, so a few times I just stayed back in the cabin while the guys went out to fish, and I knit! Actually I also read and typed recipes into the new recipe/cookbook software I got just before I left, but knitting was the primary vacation activity. This red and yellow pair was completed the day before we went on vacation, but I thought I'd post them here anyway. They were for a swap, so I sent them off just before we left.
These are cable socks knit in Cascade 220 superwash. They are also for a swap and my swap partner said she liked bright colors. When I saw this color it reminded me of dreamsicles, so I got it and call these the "Dreamsicle Socks". You can't see it very well, but I got orange reinforcing thread that's carried at both toes and heels so it has a sort of tweedy or heathered look there. I finshed these on vacation and mailed them out.

This is my Sockapalooza 4 sock completed while on vacation. So, when I finished the socks and held them up for the "TaDa" moment I found that I had knit one longer than the other--WHAT?? Yep, I knit 18 rounds of ribbing on one and 12 rounds of ribbing on the other. UGH! They had a picot cast on with 2 rounds of non-ribbing knitting at the top, so I couldn't just pick up stitches and knit 6 more rows on the top. I thought about it, and the only real way I could fix it was to frog the entire sock and start again. So, I packaged them up with a note saying they could be worn with pants, she could fold down the ribbing, or just maybe she has one leg shorter than the other one (LOL), and sent them off to my Sockapalooza pal--no-one but God is perfect!
This was the "no brainer" sock I worked on while I was riding in the back seat of the truck, and while we were fishing when things got dull and my fish weren't biting. I say they're no-brainer just because they're plain jane with very little patterning and I don't need to carry around a pattern or anything complicated. I can just pick them up & put them down whenever I have a minute or two to knit. Not much progress on these.

And, you really can't see what it is very well, but I started the Mystery Stole #3. I joined this KAL on the very last day, and I just got my yarn right before I left, so Clues 1-3 had been given and I hadn't even started. So, I took this along too. But I ended up fishing more than I had anticipated and I needed to get those socks done for the swaps so I could get them in the mail, so I really didn't get a lot of knitting done on this. I did get through Chart A and well into Chart B of Clue 1. I'm using Jaggerspun Zephyr in Curry with Topaz beads. It will be beautiful!!

All in all a very nice vacation--fishing, knitting, reading, eating (fish, of course!), and beautiful weather--something for everyone!


Jenna said...

I'm impressed! all i can knit is little beanies and scarves. beautiful stuff, this.

Kay said...

Kathy -- I'm giving you an award. Visit my blog to see it.