Friday, July 06, 2007

Just one more picture, then I'm done for the day. I'm an early-morning person, so I see some spectacular sunrises on my way to work. This doesn't capture the moment, but you can see some of the colors in the sky as the sun is just coming up on the hazy horizon over a midwestern cornfield (or maybe bean field, I don't know). What you can't see is the little drops of dew on everything and you can't feel the warmth & moisture in the air or smell the freshness. We don't stop to appreciate these mornings too often in our busy life, so I thought I'd share one with you!

More pictures! This is the apron I got from my MJF apron swap partner, Susan. Pretty cute, huh?!! I think she called this a Cinderella apron because it had the little patches on it. She did so much detailed hand sewing on this! I just love it, and Rudy does too! Thanks Susan!!

Pictures, we've got pictures!! Well, where shall we start? How about in the garden? I'm not a gardener. I had a plant at work that one of my co-workers would water for me when it looked like it was on it's last leg. One day she said, "You say you have children, but we haven't seen them in quite a while, and if you care for them anything like you care for this plant, then, well......." Suffice it to say that my children are grown and on their own now and that plant is long dead & gone! But look at what's going on now in my gardening world!

The daylily is a transplant from my mom & dad's garden and the african violets are on my desk at work. I've also got ten herb pots going, two different types of lavendar and several annuals. We transplanted hostas, irises and lily of the valley last year, and they've all done just wonderfully this year! When we drive up to our house, we joke that it is a "park-like setting" since for once all the flowers, trees and yes, even the grass seem to be doing well.